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How to Apply

Since first awarded in 1983, grants in excess of $1,000,000 have been made. Applications for grants and awards shall be made by fully completing the electronic application form available on this website (www.RonToughYachtingFoundation.com.au) and submitting with your photos prior to the specified closing date. Apply here

The purpose of this grant is for the encouragement, benefit and promotion, advancement and/or the education of sailing or sailors in Western Australia. This may include the following:

  1. The provision of equipment-yachting or otherwise.
  2. The cost of transportation of competitors, coaches & equipment.
  3. Accommodation & Coaching.

The Foundation’s policy is to encourage excellence in yachting by people of all ages, but with the emphasis on youth. The Board of Directors of The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation are interested in people rather than classes, in education,participation and in helping those who do not have access to assistance from other sources.

The grant as determined by the Directors may be awarded to one or more beneficiaries.

If you are nominating for this Grant you are also able to apply for the Scholarship Grant.


The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation Grant for an Individual application is available to all West Australian Sailors who are current members of an Australian Sailing affiliated club.

The individual/team must have proven performance at a National Level in the area of endeavour and be able to continue & progress towards excellence at an International level. Financial assistance is usually provided to support attendance at International events and is generally not made available to support attendance at events in Australia.

We encourage that you please make sure all information is correct and relevant so The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation can make a fair review of your application. Incomplete applications and applications that lack detail regarding the intended program and purpose of the grant are unlikely to be successful

All  compulsory fields must be filled in for the application to be submitted correctly.

To complete this registration you will be required to upload a JPEG format image head and shoulders photo and also a JPEG image action shot of your sailing for use and publication by The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation and out supporters..

Only online applications submitted through the specified application process will be considered.

All applications will be judged on the merit of the application. Please make sure you read all the terms and conditions at the bottom of this registration when applying for this grant and select the box to agree to the terms stated below.


It is required that the identity of any successful applicant(s) shall remain confidential until the award of the grant/scholarship/medal..


The above terms and conditions and applications details may be varied from time to time by the Directors of The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation at their discretion without prior notification.


The Grant shall be awarded at the annual Ron Tough Yachting Foundation Awards’ night. The next awards night will be at Nedlands Yacht Club on Thursday 12th March 2020. Applicants will be notified by email if you are either successful or unsuccessful in due time after the selection process mid – February 2020.

By lodging a application you declare all the information is true and correct. You are required to upload a JPEG format image head and shoulders photo and also a JPEG image action shot of yourself / the person’s sailing.

The recipient must be a member of an Association or an affiliated Club. Successful applicants are required to:

1) Supply a detailed written report of event(s) attended and results achieved to The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation at the conclusion of the event(s)
2) Return the grant should the purpose for which it is awarded no eventuate.
3) Display on the recipient’s boat ( or other equipment the adhesive signage provided by The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation, which acknowledges the support provided by the Foundation.
4) By submitting an application you agree that all photos supplied to The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation can be used for any marketing or promotion purpose by The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation and our supporters..

Please note there is no online payment to submit this application.

An automatic email will be sent to your email to receipt your application.

If you have any questions, please email  on: chairman@rontoughyachtingfoundation.com.au or secretary@rontoughyachtingfoundation.com.au