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Grant Conditions

Grants must not benefit sailors, Sailing Clubs and Class Associations participating in the sport of sailing within Western Australia.

Financial assistance is awarded based on past competitive results, likely future performance, character and mentoring capabilities, and positive involvement in local sailing and community activities.

Applicants must have a proven performance at a national level in the area of endeavour. The Grant will be awarded to individual sailors who, in the opinion of the Directors of RTYF, should be able to continue towards excellence at a higher level of International competition by virtue of the additional support and encouragement provided by the award of a grant.

Grants are generally not made to support attendance at events within Australia! Ron Tough Yachting Foundation reserves the right to determine which National events will be classified as sanctioned and all travel must occur prior to 31 December in the year in which the grant is awarded.

Applicants must be a member of a Club or Class Association affiliated with Yachting Western Australia/Australian Sailing or as approved by the Directors of the Board of the Ron Tough Yachting Foundation.

Applications must be made by fully completing the electronic online application form accessed via this website (www.RonToughYachtingFoundation.com.au) prior to the nominated closing date.  Late applications will not be accepted.

Applicants should detail the nature of the expenditure, total cost of their intended program, source of other funds being sought, and complete a statement indicating how the grant will benefit them to excel at a higher level and thereby also benefit the sport of sailing in WA. Applicants must also display on their boat (or other equipment as may be directed by The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation) any signage made available to them which acknowledges the support provided by the Ron Tough Yachting Foundation.

Successful applicants will be required to attend the Awards Night scheduled for April 28th at Mounts Bay Sailing Club in person (or by way of an approved representative) to receive confirmation of their grant and must complete the conditions of the award by relaying to the Directors of RTYF on their return from the events to which the grant applies:

  • A detailed report of events attended and results achieved
  • At least one photograph clearly depicting them at the relevant event(s)
  • A short paragraph informing the Directors how the RTYF Grant has improved their chances of success

Due to ongoing uncertainty regarding events in 2022 Grant moneys will be paid to grant recipients by EFT only upon completion of attendance at events to which those grants relate. Grants will only be paid for events attended and completed prior to 31 December in the year of the award.

Applicants MUST return in full to RTYF any grant amounts received should the purpose for which it is awarded not eventuate for whatever reason.

See FAQs for further details.