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Sailing is a sport that has given a lifetime of enjoyment to a great many people. The enjoyment comes from a mix of challenges, lessons learnt, great comradery, and building a deep love and respect for the water and the wind.

If you share our hope that future generations should also have the opportunity to build a love of sailing, then we would love for you to help us to make a lasting difference.

After providing for your family and friends, you may consider how you can help with a gift to The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation in your Will.

Every person is different therefore gifts can take many forms.  They may be:

  • The residue, or a percentage, of an estate,
  • A specific amount of money,
  • Specific assets such as shares, property, or other items.

Ideally you should consult a legal advisor, such as a solicitor or trustee, to ensure your Will is written to achieve the outcomes that you intend. The best way to help is to leave your gift to The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation ‘for its general purposes’. This allows us to apply your funds where there is the most need at the time, however if you have a specific purpose in mind for your legacy then please do contact us to discuss your thoughts.