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Mission Statement

“Dedicated to encouraging participation and assisting excellent performance of the WA Sailing community, with an emphasis on youth.”

The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation was established in 1980, with a mission to “encourage participation and assist excellent performance in the WA Sailing community, with an emphasis on youth“. The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation is financially supported by the yacht clubs of Western Australia, particularly our major supporters, Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, Royal Perth Yacht Club, Fremantle Sailing Club and South of Perth Yacht Club. With the support of the yacht clubs and their members, and with prudent asset management of accumulated trust funds, the Ron Tough Yachting Foundation currently provides grants in excess of $85,000 per year to assist sailors with their international campaigns and supports developing yacht clubs and youth-focused Class Associations to build the sailing ‘talent pool’ within Western Australia.

The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation awards annually one or two Ron Tough Gold Medals, that recognise outstanding competitive achievements over the previous twelve months, or an outstanding life time contribution to the sport of sailing within Western Australia. The Gold medal is viewed by many people as the pinnacle of recognition awarded in WA sailing.

The Syd Corser Scholarship, which comes with a significant cash grant, is awarded annually to a youth sailor to assist them in achieving significant competitive success over the next few years, and is keenly sought after.

The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation also awards the Ron Tough Silver and Bronze medallions, which are awarded to the best performing youth and junior sailors over the preceding 12 months.

The Grants and Awards have historically been presented in conjunction with the Yachting Western Australia  Awards prior to commencement of the European Summer to assist our sailors to attend Northern Hemisphere events. Due to changes in the timing of the traditional WA Awards Night resulting from the transition to Australian Sailing, The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation now hosts its Western Australian Awards night in March focused solely on the best interestsof the sailing community in WA.. This allows the extensive grants and medal awards to continue to take place when the sailors need them most in the lead up to their Northern Hemisphere campaigns.

The Western Australian yachting fraternity continues to achieve extra-ordinary competitive results at Olympic and World Championship level, particularly when assessed per capita. The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation is delighted to continue playing a part in that success.